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aislinntlc ([personal profile] aislinnsdair) wrote2013-08-24 09:51 am

prompts and pairings

So, several of you were asking what I would be interested in, if you were to write me fic (wheee!) :D I thought it'd be easiest to post ideas here, so:
Pairings: My primary pairings are Adam/Tommy or Stiles/Derek, but if someone in HP wants to play, I'm happy with Harry/Snape, or Harry/any of the Malfoy men. I'm also good with Tommy/Brian, or Tommy/Sutan if the mood strikes.

One of my favorite kinks is edging. I'm also a fan of frottage, coming in pants, rimming and fingering, toys, size kink, fear of discovery situations, the list could get long, lol.

Prompts, hmmm. I like authors to go where their muse takes them, so nothing too specific. How about:
his furry little problem
hot and cold
as needs must
I'm sorry
scavenger hunt
on the town
rhythm and blues
lull and storm

Stories can be funny, fluffy, angsty, hurt/comfort, PWP; whatever seems to fit. Hope that gives all you wonderful writers some ideas to go on :-)

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