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aislinntlc ([personal profile] aislinnsdair) wrote2010-04-26 07:36 pm

Places I've been

Taking a cue from [ profile] moosatcows, I've created a map of places I've been in the US:

visited 32 states (64%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

A couple are guesses - I may have been in other states, when I traveled across country from NY to San Francisco with my grandparents at age 6, but I was way too young to notice.

I started to do the map of the world, since I've been able to travel to a number of countries as an adult, but found it only equaled 4% of the world map, mostly Canada and 9 nations in Europe, so I didn't bother with the map. It may be something to aspire to fill though!

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